Friday, May 14, 2010

Advice on how to remove deck boards that are nailed down *under* bottom of siding?

I am removing the boards from my deck but ran into a problem. Where the boards are perpendicular to the house, the last nails securing them are *under* the bottom edge of the siding. In cross-section, it looks something like this:


X \

XX\ %26lt;- siding







|......|................... Deck board with nail




|..................| %26lt;- Header



That's as good of a drawing as I can make with just keyboard characters, hope it's clear.

The deck board can't be pounded up %26amp; off because it hits the siding, and the nails are inaccessible. I can't cut the boards at the edge of the siding %26amp; chip out what's left because I plan to resurface %26amp; reinstall them (nope, can't do it with the boards in place).

Any ideas on how I can remove the boards intact without removing or destroying the siding, or dropping the header?

Thanks!Advice on how to remove deck boards that are nailed down *under* bottom of siding?
I'd also use a reciprocating saw with a ';demolition'; blade. This blade will cut through nails as well as anything else in encounteres.

A way to re-secure the board when you replace it is to drill pocket holes at an angle to allow you to use screws from beyond the edge of the siding. Putty up the pocket holes with the appropriate colored putty when you're done.

HankAdvice on how to remove deck boards that are nailed down *under* bottom of siding?
Don't really understand your drawing, but, can you cut the nails with a reciprocating saw. We use them all the time for cutting nails rather than pulling them.
using a sawsall with a bimetal blade cut the nails between the board and the header or using a flat pry bar up against the nail at the same location slam the bar untill the nail bends far enough or snaps
What I would do is use a sawzall (a reciprocating saw) with a long blade to cut the nails from underneath. If you don't have access to sawzall then try a long pry-bar. Start at one end with the pry-bar and work your way down. Depending on what kind of siding it is depends on how you take it off the board. If its vinyl you can get a siding removal tool sometimes called a sideswiper and unattach the 2nd course from the first course (it just snaps together). If its wood or Masonite siding you can try removing it without destroying it. Steel or aluminum could possibly be removed or you could try to get the board out from underneath by prying up and prying away from the house. Its just a matter of looking at it and seeing what best fits. Oh also if you remove your siding, mark it or remember where it went for re-installation.

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