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My nails are long, but when thay get too long thay start to curl down , how do i stop that from happending?

Natural nail shape is influenced by genetics and by the shape of your own natural nail bed. I agree, the only way you could stop it is through some kind of nail enhancement, but I think if you can grow your own nails, even if they curve down, they will look lovely if taken care of and groomed.My nails are long, but when thay get too long thay start to curl down , how do i stop that from happending?

If you dont like it right now, start to look at the web for some sites where you see lots of kinds and styles of nails. And you will find out that this curling even can look gorgeous.

If you like to visit the greatest sites for nails, check out and

So this will maybe make you think some different than now, and it might maybe even let you give your nails a try to grow really long and curved like its natural and beauty.

take careMy nails are long, but when thay get too long thay start to curl down , how do i stop that from happending?
LONG Nails are hot... ESPECIALLY when they start to curve...Don't cut them. You should let them do what they want..By all means take care of them.
Don't NatuRaL, be you.
Hi Tina...There are many types of nails: straight, curved down, extreme curve or talons, upward curve or ski slopes, nails that turn to either left or right and nails that spiral. A nice set of long natural or enhanced nails are admired by a select group of people worldwide who find nails to be the epitome of femininity and beauty. Check out or or Also spinnies attic and the link to that is in Tim's answer to your question.

Granted that long nails are not for everyone and one has to consider job guidelines etc., but to have someone tell you to cut your nails simply because in their opinion they are too long is wrong. That is an individual's choice. Yes, to have long nails means a certain amount of time and dedication needs to be set aside for maintenance and one needs to be a little more careful when doing things with our hands but the end result is the 10 shiny jewels at the end of your fingertips. Remember, nails are jewels, not tools, and long nails are neither gross or icky. Sometimes people who cannot or choose not to grow their nails will say that out of envy. A well maintained set of nails can be absolutely beautiful and an artistic canvas to a nailtech with as much passion for beautiful nails as the person growing them.

I am assuming you like to grow your nails in which case, as a nailtech, i will recommend that you find a reputable salon in your area and a nailtech who will take the time to do the job properly, without the need to use an electric file on the natural nail. An electric file should only be used on the acrylic, not to remove layers off the nailbed. Nails need to be pampered. A good nailtech will find the best enhancement if one is needed. I personally recommend gel as an overlay to protect the nail and a daily regimen off a good cuticle oil (I love Solar Oil by Creative Nail Design) Sometimes nails will curl once they get past the fingertip as skin oils do not reach them and if they are in water too much without protection. Using the nail oil before doing anything with water and before going to bed helps keep the nails hydrated. Always wear gloves for dishes or cleaning.

If you have any other questions about this, feel free to email me at I will be happy to answer them for you.

Take care.

all nails are like that you shouldnt grow them long though when they start curling cut them
Let them grow and curve. It's beautiful and natural. Long natural nails are an amazing look. I say ignore the negative responses here.
Umm cut them? lol
nails naturaly curve after they get to a certain lenght.

you stop it from happening by cutting them down and keeping them at a reasonable lenght
.. Umm. Eew. Sorry, lol.

I just have a weird thing for curled nails.

Maybe it's time you should cut them?
I don't know the answer to your question (see what the nail techs have posted), but whatever you do, DON'T CUT THEM!!! Don't listen to the negative comments here - be your own person - grow your nails as long as you want. Long, long, well-maintained nails are exceptionally beautiful.
Thats a sign telling you that they are TOO long and need to be cut.
Umm well when your nails start to curl down there say ';Ahhhh clip me plz!!!!'; serously i mean that's kinda gross.
go to the nail place and ask them..................

I am going to disagree with many of the answers here.

Just because they are curling doesn't mean they are too long. There are plenty of people, males and females that would disagree. check out, or either of my groups or for places filled with people who have an understanding and passion for long nails.

But to the question, often acrylics or wraps will help stop the curl. And I knew a lady who even would soak her nails and score then along each side and straighten them and then put fiberglass wraps on.

Without something added they will curl, but do know that shows they are natural. It shows they each have their own personality and don't think that its a bad thing. A good friend of mine had felt the same way but ultimately she has grown to enjoy them knowing they are natural and all her own.

Feel free to write or visit the sites I suggested and you will see that there are far more people then you know who feel that your nails are just fine.
Tina, my simple opinion is that nails are a distinctive part of us and even more important in females. Looking the hands and the nails of a person you can tell much of this person, hard hand workers, nail biters, typist, guitar player, they all have very different hands and nails. I also think that nails have a sort of their own personality, as hair, eyes, noses have. Do you cut your hair because their curl when they are too long?

All the people go around with different noses, eyes, hair鈥?and with different fingernails.

My opinion is that you should feel free to express yourself with the fingernails long as much you like and you should also allow your nails to express themselves with their own particular shape.
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