Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How far do you cut a staffys nail down to?

It is pink at the top then white the rest of the way downHow far do you cut a staffys nail down to?
hmm..this one is order to cut ur dogs nails u hav to tread this thin line of cutting them well enuf so tht theyre good for the longest time an if u cut too ,much then u see ur poor mutt bleet from the paws...the tric is to get just enough of the dead hard nail tissue generlly grey/brown in color out in the clipper so as to not mae it bleed an enough to leave some grip in there for a good measure...but do watever dont let it bleed as its ur dog wont yelp out in pain but might get infection later on...How far do you cut a staffys nail down to?

This might help you:鈥?/a>

Depending on the colour of your dog's nails you should be able to see a vein running down the nail, do not cut the vein. If you are unsure ask a vet or a groomer to show you how.

If you do cut the ';quick'; (the vein) you can use styptic pencil or talcum powder to stop the bleeding, also hold your thumb over the nail to stench it.
When cutting nails rule #1 is longer is better. If you cut into the pink part your dog will bleed. Just cut off the sharp tip and trim around it...less is more. If you cut too short and he bleeds you will need to get a powder found at a pet store to clot the blood.

There are simple steps on the proper way to cut your dog's nails. These steps can be seen in this site.

Actually, I've used these tips to cut my Yorkie's nails.

Hope this will help.

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i didnt think you cut a staffys nails but just dont cut the pink part

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